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D.E.P. El Senor De Los Corridos

Regional Mexican Music musicians and fans around the world are mourning the passing of Guadalupe Quintero. Señor Quintero, the lead voice of Los Incomparables De Tijuana, was also well known as El Señor De Los Corridos.

Señor Quintero’s brief battle with cancer came to an end Sunday, June 30, 2019. Multiple sources report that he was diagnosed approximately three months ago.

Like many of you, I have great memories of seeing him on stage holding his distinctive trade-mark electric bass. Most of those memories for me comprise of repeatedly raising a glass of Buchanan’s whiskey in the air while he led Los Incomparables De Tijuana through a set of their legendary corridos and rancheros.

For decades, Los Incomparables De Tijuana has blessed the culture with music that not only documented, but made history. Lyrics from their songs have been quoted by journalists, authors, cartel bosses, and whoever else dared speak publicly on the subject matter covered in much of their music.

The corridos of Los Incomparables have been covered by countless norteno groups and bandas. There’s a good chance you heard one of their songs covered at a recent fiesta or nightclub outing where there was a live norteno or banda performing. Some of their most famous (or infamous) songs include El Numero Uno, Seteciantas Libras, Los Traficantes, and one of my all time favorites, Esta De Parranda El Jefe.

It’s no doubt that Señor Quintero leaves behind a rich legacy. His influence and artistry will live on. As for me, I’m gonna head out tonight and listen to the norteño play some classic corridos de Los Incomparables De Tijuana. As I reminisce, I’ll raise my glass of whiskey in the air once again. Farewell Don Lupe.

D.E.P. Señor Guadalupe Quintero.

Buena Musica! Buenos Tiempos!