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Book Review: El Narco by Ioan Grillo

El Narco, one of the best books ever written about the drug war in México, happens to be written by a British gent. Ioan Grillo is not your typical gringo. He has earned his stripes working as a journalist reporting from the front lines of Mexico since 2001.

I first heard about him and his work on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Thanks Joe. Episode #1253 features Mr. Grillo speaking about his journey as a reporter on the streets of the most dangerous areas of Mexico.

Without giving too much away, the book is broken down into three parts; History, Anatomy, and Destiny. It is well researched and dives into the history and conditions that paved the way for the long bloody drug war our generation has witnessed.

A combination of interviews with former cartel soldiers, mothers of slain victims, government officials, and Sierra Madre farmers gives readers a view into the world of the Mexico’s Narco Movement from a personal level never before accomplished in book form. I appreciated that while Mr. Grillo gives his opinions and theories, he also allows the research and facts to tell an unbiased account of events.

Keep in mind El Narco was released in 2012 and the Narco Movement within and beyond the borders of Mexico has continued to evolve. However, El Narco is a great read for gaining more insight into the history, development, and some of the communities directly affected by the “War on Drugs.”

El Narco is Ioan Grillo’s first book and is available in several languages. Below is a link for the English version.

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